Pet Behaviour & Rehabilitation

Experienced pet behaviour expert

Tackle and resolve your pet’s problem behaviour with a highly experienced pet behaviour and rehabilitation specialist.

Solving pet behavioural issues throughout Cornwall and West Devon

As a certified clinical animal behaviourist, Carol can provide professional advice on behavioural problems in dogs, cats and rabbits, and help you work towards resolving them once and for all. You may well see positive results quickly, although commitment and effort on the owner's behalf is required to achieve continued success. Get in touch with Bona Fido for pet behaviour and rehabilitation. You can also depend on us for dog training and dog training events
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How are behaviour problems addressed?

You will require referral from your vet, who will ensure that there are no physical reasons for your pet’s behaviour. During your consultation, your pet behaviour counsellor, Carol, will help to establish the root cause of your pet's behaviour and provide you with a behaviour modification programme.

As part of the successful modification of their behaviour, some dogs may require rehabilitation sessions that Carol can provide. Any dog training will take place in a relaxed and controlled environment with other understanding owners.

Some of the common conditions addressed:
  • Aggression
  • Fear
  • Separation related behaviours
  • Chase behaviour
  • Phobias
  • Indoor elimination
  • Compulsive disorders

Dog aggression and rehabilitation

Aggression is a natural behavioural response for a dog when it finds itself in a situation that it cannot cope with. The rehabilitation of a dog with an anti-social behaviour requires more than standard training in order to resolve the problem. It is therefore inappropriate for these dogs to attend traditional training classes. An initial behavioural assessment will assist in structuring a rehabilitation programme for you and your dog, and Carol will help you work towards a positive outcome.
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Do you want a happier, more obedient dog? If you are in West Devon or Cornwall, including Okehampton, Liskeard, Tavistock, and Launceston, call:
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